Frances Domingues is a three dimensional found object visual artist and interior stylist. She is drawn to patina, rust and things that over the years have acquired an energy of their own by living an authentic life.  Frances takes everyday objects out of their context to become inspired objects d’art for your home, office, restaurant, business, and life. Frances transforms industrial found objects into art, furniture, and lighting.

Wedge Studio Art  France Domingues

Up close and personal view of 3 by 7 panel.  All works truly need to be seen to feel how expansive they are.  What are you waiting for?


I saw a vision that became this couch. A true 8 foot couch to entertain or relax on.  The coffee table is found woolen spools from South Carolina on a rolling cart.  I love feeling the inspiration of objects that want to be something new and inspiring.

Wedge Studio Artist Frances Domingues

Vintage 1950’s sailboat from Lake Erie.  The panels are double sided designed works of inspired art.  They are 3 feet by 7 feet and are available to inspire your space.  An International Harvester truck hood from the 1930’s has been upcycled into a wall sconce.